I want to start it personal. I want you to see me.

My spirit started to travel consciously into my own being in all depth in 2012, and so I chose a photograph from that year.

Looking into nature, my own and that of life and existance. With seriousity and also still much pain for all I began to sense and feel and realize.

What is life? What is it all about? And who am I?

Questions. A great begin to get to oneself. And a great medicine too, if we are willing to hear and live into the answers coming bit by bit.

Paths. One is not better than the other. Yet we must choose, or life will choose for us. We need to take consciously responsibility, and stand strong for it.

Revelations. Great and small ones, delightful and challenging ones. Light brings up the truth. This is not always easy, not at all. But they are so worth all efforts and pain.


I did this in devotion and trust, with all that was included.

Now, today, in 2017, shortly before my 48th birthday, I am truly getting awake to the core of what I really am, what all of my lifes experiences where really about and for, and most of all what I am here for and called to do.

What that means?

Follow me dear friends and listeners, and I will reveal all I am and know to you.

Bit by bit, like I am feeling good for and am lead to do.

Thank you.

… ❤ Ulrike

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