My start into this human existance and life was very early connected to mother earth and nature. I was born to a couple that was loving nature as well and so had chosen to build a house and home close to nature with a huge ground and garden, on the countryside and on the edge of a forest.

So I was able and loved to spend much time outside and also went into and walked through the woods alone at a very early age. The nature experience had and has till today gifted me a basic experience of trust, safety and being nourished, along with a thrilling sense of adventure and risk and exploring my abilities and boundaries:

Lying on moss beds, relaxing into my mothers soft and moisturous cushions.
Climbing on trees, for testing and training my courage, strength, coordination and for a great view from above.
Building booths and tipis from natures materials, for myself and my friends.
Walking over insecure plaines of the moores, to explore the thrill of danger and experiencing safety in the trust in myself.
Cooling down in the summers heat in creeks and lakes and rivers, diving into the delicious and refreshing water element.
Opening my mind widely while walking or running over open grasslands, flying high with wind, sky and clouds and the spirit of the birds.
Seeping into dreams while meditating naturally and connecting with beloved places and spots, or letting my soul fly at nights towards the night sky and all its starry beauty.

All this was my home, my mother, my father, my training ground, my friend, my  beloved, my medicine and my adventurous playground.

I owe nature all I am and it saved my life countless times, emotionally and spiritually.
Maybe even physically, as my lifes trials have been great and sometimes dangerous for life as well.

This is another story and may be told another time…

I add pictures of myself in nature and some more beautiful selfshot pics of my beloved mother nature.

Enjoy and be inspired dearest friends and visitors,
… ❤ Ulrike

4 thoughts on “Nature

  1. Beautiful Ulrike! I’m going to share this with my 10 year old friend Phoebe. Such an important message and expression of your self..including the great photos. I think the photos could be used for healing..especially the ones of you smiling peacefully in the plants! Have you read the Anastasia books by Vladimir Megre? Much love..Faith. Also I am known as the Apple Goddess..and Salad Queen.


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