Dearest friends and listeners, lately the news about the passing of persons are increasing. Me too have been saying farewell to one of my longest male friends being only 47.

I want to say something about it in general to light up your hearts and minds and encourage you to see the sense in the death of beloved or very appreciated human beings.

They are not being a victim of a desease, accident or the heaviness of their lifes circumstances after all even if it looks like that on first sight.
They were using the nature of divine will and law in harmony with the law of free will implemented and always valid on this planet.

And this means not a problem or catastrophy has happened but they have decided to pass in alignment to highest purpose.
They were asked and have chosen longer before this physical death to serve and assist earth or existance anywhere else in a different plane or incarnation.

I want to encourage you to see the meaning of the passing of beloved ones in a different and divine view.
My beloved friend who has just passed only a few days ago has been connected with me on heart and soul plane all the time since we met on earth, and still is.

I have received so much love and support while he was alive and I still do since he has passed. He might have died in human eyes, but his light is shining for and in me even brighter and stronger than before his death now.

Though I will be at his funeral tomorrow and have cried some tears of farewell I still rest in the unshakeable knowing he is needed elsewhere and is lead by divine highest guidance and will journey safely to reach the plane he is meant for.

We not only lighten up our own hearts and souls with this knowing and view but also those of others impacted by the loss, and even more important, we assist the last journey of our beloved human being.

The dying need our inner and outer peace and light and letting go in trust and respect of their own and gods choice.
I want to encourage you once more to a positive view and comprehension of death.
Apart from touching our human hearts and the necessary healthy mourning and missing the death of beloved ones shall give us an even deeper connection with them in our inner and an even deeper connection with our live and the highest love dwelling on divine plane, where we will never cease to be one with the beloved.

This unshakeable indestructable bond on divine plane is also always in our deepest inner heart.


Go into the daylight and sun.
Do not follow the dying into the deathlands, and do not hold onto them to make them stay.

A beautiful farewell and welcome on the other side for all the dying of these days.


Love and blessings always.
Ulrike Kussike

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