Story of my Resurrection I


A journey into death and back to life

I was born in November 1969.
My life was fine.
I got a brother in summer of 1971.
I loved him very much. He loved me deeply too.
Fighting and loving, always sticking together almost like twins.

I was dark, he was light.
I was tall and slim, he was soft and roundish.
Sun and Moon.
Dusk and dawn.
Summer warmth and the dying of the year.

On my 6th birthday in 1975 he was already ill, unrecognized. He was silent and withdrawn, could not participate.
8 days later he died.
He had an unhealable infection of the brain.
No machine was able to make him stay.

And he had known.
Around his 4th birthday end of July that year he had said:
“When I have to die I am not afraid.”

When he fell into coma I was asleep and my parents left me alone at home to bring him into hospital.
He never woke into his body again. I never saw him again alive.

My soul fell into darkness.
She followed him to search her beloved brother. And so I followed him into the landscapes of death, seeing only greyish shapes in a nomans land.
But he was not there.

Higher wisdom had decided to send a part of him back to save me from dying as well.
A part of his soul consciousness walked into my body and has stayed here since, while a part of my soul stayed in the landscapes of death.
These are also called the astral worlds.

It is hell, it is heaven, it is the landscapes of our dreams, hopes, desires and also of our sorrows, fears and nightmares.

I stayed alive physically and still experienced the different stages and lands of death and rebirth as connected to them constantly.

My brothers soul part gifted me light, love and faith all the time. He did not walk through the lands of death but rested in the blessed kingdom of enlighted souls to gather light for both of us.

And all this was orchestered by divine highest will and we had volunteered to do this.
Our love was and is great enough for this huge and challenging task.

Because on human plane and me in my human nature forgot about the beauty of the shared mission.

Oblivion and deep suffering followed.
But now I am allowed to wake up to the truth behind.
And the beauty of it is so amazing.

I will share all I have learned with humanity. This is my purpose.
Dear friends please follow me without fear.
And be assured it is so important and precious.

I love you.


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