Recreation in stressful times


Recreation in the most stressful times

Friends! How beautiful is this life!
How wonder-ful, full of beauty and little glances
into an uplifting being.
Whereever I am, whatever is happening,
whatever I just have to do.

On the one side I have just experienced a really stressful time
in all areas:
in my family affairs, moving my professional rooms,
changing weather conditions, and then my female fluctuations
(climacteric – or other reorganization processes)

and on the other side…
I´m getting more and more relaxed and placid,
I can be in the moment NOW more and more
and really enjoy it.

How come???
There has shown something in my inside,
a brilliant little wisdom.
A voice whispering at me:

“Get some rest. NOW.”
“What – how – not possible. I have to work.
Children, job, office tasks, shopping, housework,…”
“That´s not important. You can recreate MEANWHILE.”
“Pardon me???”
“Imagine you are almost asleep. Calm body, calm mind.
Your soul is travelling and dreaming.
You also can do anything this way, with minimum effort.
Call it auto-pilot. Call it self-preservation modus.
Call it 30% attention.
But do enjoy it. And you will regenerate.
Your body. Your mind. Your soul.”
“But – I will certainly deliver a miserable quality then!”
” You will certainly deliver a miserable quality –
when you do your so-called duty.
Grimly, annoyed, full of pain and agony.
But if you allow yourself to dream a little bit,
to slumber a little bit and let it happen as it is just now
possible without effort:

then you are inviting everybody who sees it, feels it
or perceives it in any other ways
to follow this selfallowing wholemaking being.
And you hand a gift to your fellows more precious
than anything else these days.”

Dear friends – how about this?
You are all very welcome to this.


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