for paradise on earth

This is a prophecy. This is a path. This is a medicine.
Will you come along with me?

I am called to write this, for myself and all of us.
It is an encouraging and uplifting perspective necessary to weigh up all the depressing happenings and also predictions and prophecies current these days.
We are in the middle of great changes, this is obvious. A lot of people are suffering and are hopeless too as a result.
Not alot of them are really directly responsible, and the weight of fate seems unbearable and unrighteous, and seeing children and helpless people in such situations can break our heart.

And then we can read in numerous sources these days about the earths changes in not very encouraging words and attitude, painting pictures of the Great Judgement and a great cleansing of earth as if this was a punishment and to get rid off the evil man.
I cannot contribute to this point of view, nor shall I do so.
Instead, I want to paint a different picture for you, like I am shown and see it, to encourage you and give hope and a reason to carry on.
Fear, guilt and shame have never been good resons for a change, and are contraproductive for learning and growing.

First of all, let me assure you that not an elitist minority of mankind is destined to survive a biblic catastrophy of whatever kind. This is another splitting into good and bad, evolved and minor and is the opposite of that what is happening and unfolding to be.
How could someone not capable of reading and studying, or not having access to the internet, or having a lower IQ in the eyes of the old days be lesser in the eyes of love?
And how could a child or old person being weak and vulnerable be less protected by divine guardians?
We are all equal before the eyes of love, and our worth is measured by the heart and not by the mind.
The so-called waking up is an act of the heart, and though it can be helpful to understand things by mind at first it is of no worth if not applied to our lifes by heart.
Unlearn your mind to open the gates of love.
Ascending is nothing more or less than getting back to be a purehearted and physically pure human being, combining harmoniously the human with the divine experience.
Being a humble and warmhearted being is the greatest gift and blessing for the world.
We need no studies nor mind wisdom for this.

Coming back to current predictions, interpretations and prophecies of the past and presence I want to lift your view and comprehension to that of pure light and love.
We are not expecting another biblic cleansing of the earth by a fierce angry god annihilating the evil of mankind by deadly doom.
We read earth is preparing to redress, to reshape dramatically, and only the pure and good are being saved.
Let me show you the feminine view, the view of our beloved mother earth. She loves her children unconditionally, unchanged.
Inspite of her own suffering she cries for the pain of her children. She does not strive to get rid off us for freeing herself, she would never want us to be annihilated though we caused her excruciating pain.
How can she ascend and evolve leaving her children behind?
How could she redress while causing more bloodspilling and mourning of children and families?
This is not her way, she wants to ascend together with us and under the flag of love and loving kindness. And as this is a planet of free will, implemented by highest divine law, her will is valid.
Yet she is also protected and shielded by a masculine force always by her side, and he has proclaimed that no harm can be done to her any longer.
This is the force that is working these days, in this aera of great changes.
We are indeed experiencing the Great Judgement NOW, which was postponed to the day of our physical death until shortly. This means all of us are being confronted with our karma, shadows, sins and unsolved issues, to pick some of the usual vocabulary.

It is the time when our inner shadows and gost wake up, and they will haunt us until we have made our peace with them. We feel and recall all of our unsolved issues of our past and even past lives, according to our possibilities. This is a great chance for healing ourselves, and I tell you each one of us can make it.
We need to be brave, we need to be humble, we need the love and support of our family and friends. The human connections are more important than ever to go through these healing trials.
We need to care lovingly for ourselves, our bodies and needs, and those of our fellow beings close to us. Judging and rejecting is isolating us, and a spiritual approach in the old way of less or higher evolved is a great obstacle.
Those who are not willing or capable to deal with and illuminate their own hell will pass away and leave their bodies, and this again is no punishment but a necessary procession. What is coming afterwards is underlying the highest divine wisdom and law.
Unpurged souls will not reincarnate to earth again.

*He who is of pure mind, heart and soul and loves mother nature and earth more than his convenience will inherit the kingdom of love and loving kindness.*

Rest in the love of our mother earth, rest in the protective shield of the divine masculine, be brave and be humble.
Stick to your familiy and your friends, and know all is going to be more than beautiful.
At last, I shall confim that mother earth is in a process of reshaping and redressing, but it is a gentle and graceful process, and the beauty of it not yet visible for our outer human eyes is of true heavenly beauty.
She is going to be the Paradise Planet she was designed to be from the beginning of all time, and she loves her children very much.


Thank you for listening and caring.
I love you.
… ❤ Ulrike

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