– The power of the timeless space –

Dear listeners,
called and inspired by the special event today,
the influence and opening of a great cosmic portal
with the divine numbers 11.11.2017 I wish to
share my experiences and understanding from
my meditation and contemplation I have just
Today our planet and all of us are blessed and flooded
with great and powerful energies from deep space and
the great Central Sun. We are called and alot of us feel
a great urge to use these energies for change and our
as well as others good.

I want to encourage you to do so, yet also to take out the
urgency or even pressure to act and especially act quickly
and right, as this is a likely phenomenon on such portal
days on earth.

The extreme power and intensity of these energies are
easily understood and interpreted by our bodies and
minds as very urgent and crucial to the point of stressing
our systems.

So the very first message I have for you is this:
Though we have this specific date with divine numbers
today, inclining a cosmic opening and event, it is NOT
a fixed and ending event we must hurry to catch up with
and use or act with in a certain time or else we have missed
a chance that is gone after a while.
This cosmic and divine happening today is nothing ending
or fixed at all, it is indeed the opposite of any comprehension
and experience alike that.
The true core energy and meaning and treasure for all of us
and our beloved mother earth is to experience and immerse
in the peaceful timeless quality of this event.

The invitaion is to let go of all pressure, urgency and necessity
to act in this or that way, to catch up with a specific energy,
timeline, event or happening we might perceive or are shown
in the outside as crucial or necessary.

The holy blessing and treasure of this day lies in its timeless
eternal qualiity we can only reach when we stop chasing
or searching anything in front or outside of us, and especially
with a sense of lack and unworthyness.

Having said this, I want to invite you to leave all
your thoughts and contemplations about anything
behind for a moment and just sink into your inner
to enjoy your own breathing and being, resting in your
body as a familiar and safe home you are living in
and that is your best friend and company.

Enjoy your warm living home inside for a moment
without any further aim or reason.

Then, visualize your bodies inner space being illuminated
by a beautiful warm golden light, shining from within and in
betweeen all of your organs, tissues, cells and atoms.
Feel the warmth of this golden light, feel your body and
yourself relax and be at peace and ease.

When you feel really comfortable and relaxed in body and mind
visualize the space in between all these physical elements as expanding
space filled with this glowing golden light, see and feel yourself
as consciousness witnessing AND sensing this space, a peaceful,
warm, safe and endless yet holding space.
All the happenings in the physical, all movements, streamings,
vortexes, explosions, implosions, all the slow and fast movements
are there and you can see them without being moved from this
space of serenity you are floating and resting in.

Just the same is when you observe thoughts and feelings:
All the happenings and movements are there but do not change
the peaceful and warm inner space you are in.
Let yourself rest in this space and let your consciousness witness
all these movements without interpreting and wishing to change
them. You can immerse deeper and deeper into the timeless and
peaceful quality of this sacred space while watching all these
happenings, and they cannot change what you really are.

Stay in this beautiful and sacred space as long as you wish.
Come back into your every day consciousness by bringing your
attention back to your breath, your heartbeat and begin to move
your body slowly.
Look around you to connect with your outer space and the room
you are in.
Welcome and bless your outer reality too.

I want to add some contemplated understanding; read only if and when
you feel for it.
You can as well stop now and go back to your day.

All the movements and the rushing and pushing, pulling and
chasing or desperate searching and longing for something
we all know so well are only possible in the linear time experience.
They are created in and bound to the linear time.
Our bodies and certain functions are also operating still in the linear
time construct; one can also say they still depend on a sequence of
happenings. This is the reason we all tend to fall back into linear time
experience even after great meditations, trance experiences and
spontanous timeless only NOW experiences.
Our body-mind construct is still operating on the time lines of linear
time and almost forces our consciousness and perception back
into the familar linear time stream.

Let me tell you this is not a problem. Let us not see this as a main
obstacle or even a reason to believe we can never free ourselves
from the influence of this time quality and all the limitations and
illusions it contains.

I want to remind you of this beautiful peacegifting experience of
resting in the timeless eternal golden space we have just experienced
together. Can you still recall the feeling in body and mind?
Great. Hold fast to it, even if not in meditation right now.
Allow glimpses of this beauty and grace show to your body and
mind again and again.
And now, while allowing these glimpses and little lights of recalling
show and illuminate and warm a part of your consciousness, your mind,
your body, you breathe in the timeless sacred and warm quality of that
inner space INTO the linear time complex you and your body are also
still travelling in right now.
You illuminate and relax, bless and heal the linar time experience and yourself
in it from inside, gently and in a way you are always a little bit able to,
by just recalling this golden inner space whenever you remember the

Dear listeners, this is the secret of the inner transformation.
It is not a dramatic and big deal. We need not hurry up to use the energies
of a special day or event, we need not participate by all means at certain group meditations
and hurry up to get enlightened on this portal day of unique significance.
The peacegifting and deeply blessing experience of the timeless inner golden space
always there for us in the midst of our bodies, our thoughts, feelings and sensations
is not fixed or bound to any occurence and happening anywhere.
It is indeed nowhere and in no time, it is always exactly here where we are right now.

Rest in this beautiful knowing, relax in the moment you are in.
Allow the glimpses and little lightful memories of this sacred space pop up
and illuminate you in your day and doing and be assured they can transform
yourself and your live gently and yet unresistably from inside, any moment and
wherever you are.

The liberation of the linar time and of all beings lies in the little daily practices of gentle loving reminders and planting seeds of light into ourselves and others
again and again.

Thank you very much for listening and caring.
I wish you a delightful and blessed day.

… ❤ Ulrike

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