Today, let us see and sense anything that appears to us as an opportunity to open up more inside.

What is really happening when we face a challenge,
a pain, fear, loss or disappointment?
The thing that matters is never out there, it is inside.

Of course it is not so easy to understand and perceive this way, and we need to withdraw and care for ourselves first to be able to change our point of view.

My treasures for you today result from this work and realization.
I wish to encourage you, to give you my love and light for whatever challenges and burdens you.

In the light inside of yourself,
where we also are always together with our beloved ones, and with the divine love and light, feel your heart.
Feel your fragile yet powerful light and warmth.
I assure you that it is always enough, always there no matter how you feel right now.

It is for you, to recover from your emotional, physical and mental stress.
And more, it is so powerful that while you are recovering it opens widely the door to the divine.

You arrive there naturally whilst resting in your inner heart. Humans are born magical beings, as their true hearts are inborn portals to the heavens.

And you need not know and learn more about it.
Simply by having this knowing and faith you do the wonder each time you retreat into your inner heart, resting there, breathing peacefully. Recovering yourself from the outer stress and from emotional turmoilt, you automatically recover and heal the outside situation with all that is included.

Isn’t this a truly beautiful thing to know?
Every human can do it, no matter how old or evolved or how being raised and shaped.

It is our real natural being.
It is our inborn power.
And it is what we are doing now.

Portals built from love,
beginning with selflove
and selfcare.
All else unfolding like a blossoming flower, nourished by this selflove,
which is automatically spreading into the world.

It is simple.
It is pure.
Gentle, childlike, small at first but growing with irresistable might.

I am so very grateful and happy to share this with you. Have a most beautiful day my dear friends and all of you listening.

… đź’ś Ulrike

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