from divine mother earth

Beloved humans,
beloved children,

I am very happy and grateful for each of you listening.
And even those not receiving this special message can and shall know. By turning inside, listening to their hearts and inner silence any human being can hear this too.

Now, you who are here right now: Be blessed, for your amazing and unwavering efford this past year to heal, to lift up, to clear, to hold the light up, to love, to stand the storms and the darkness.
You are truly brave and beautiful. And I love you very much.

This winters solstice, don’t burden yourself, do not put another duty onto your tired shoulders.
Though it is, as always has been, a crucial point in the year, a marker, a portal:
Relax. Trust.
The work you have done is done. The effords you have taken will bring their harvest.

For this day, celebrate the NOW. Let your Self rest in the arms of the great Divine.
Bring your thankfulness, for earth, nature, the things that were given to you, the people close to you and whom you love and who love you, and for yourself.
Bring your love, for earth and nature, for life, for your life.
These are the greatest gifts on the altar of nature, and also in the sacred temple of your heart.

Allow these gifts to sink deeply into the nature of life and existance, outside and inside. And breathe in the heavenly light shining down its blessings on you on this holy day.

The return of the light, of Christ, is now and here, in you.
Seed this light deeply in yourself, so it can grow, bloom and bear fruits into the next year, for yourself, for humanity, for life and existance.
This winters solstice is indeed a great initiation into the Christ light, open for any human heart that opens its gates for love, in humility and faith.

Blessings from your mothers heart, and blessings from my star sisters letting the starlight rain onto you on this holy day.


picture credits to unknown artist đź’ś

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