Dearest friends and listeners,

with the beginning of this year, I want to be very true and honest.
To myself, and you.

The transition has not only been happy and bright, but mingled with intense feelings of sadness, pain and loneliness for me.
I am telling you this as invitation to be true and honest too. As this is so important for our way back to ourselves.

Waking up into the first day of this new year, I greeted these feelings again, and sat down with them and myself in silence to listen to my inner guidance for help and advice.

Today, I want to share the encouraging and loving advice I received one to one with you. As my higher guidance is of the same source as yours, and speaks truth that is meant for all of us on this path of self finding.

This is what I asked:
“In my Self finding and Self realization, how to deal with sadness? With pain?
With loneliness and yearning for love?
How to find and keep true inner happiness? ”

This is what I was given:
the answers are all in yourself, in your heart.
Look here, not by mind.
Yes, compassion for yourself. This is the most important thing to cultivate.
Love yourself with all these feelings. They are there, they are ok. They are not obstacles to meet and realize yourself, but they are necessary doorways.
Don’t critizise yourself!
Nothing you feel is wrong, or weak, or unevolved, but HUMAN.

The process of Self-Realization goes THROUGH the land of the human suffering and pain, not past it. Never.
You are on the right path.
You are doing so really well.
And you will make it.
NEVER abandon these feelings. Embrace them, and yourself. Each time.
Don’t think of the future, or a goal.
Self-Realization is not a goal.
Just BE with yourself.
Close, warm, attentive.
Gentle, caring, loving.
Understanding, compassionate, nurturing.

And let go of the expectation that these feelings or inner movements need to vanish, and never arise again.
THIS is an obstacle, not the feelings themselves.
Just be with that what is, in this moment. Just be at peace with it. There is nothing to be improved, or changed.
Love this moment.
No matter how it is.
HAPPINESS does not mean the absence of pain, or sadness, or the feeling of human loneliness.
But to LOVE and EMBRACE all that is included in this precious moment.

You can sense it in the melting of your heart, of your inner resistance, of your mental constrictions, of your physical tension, of your rushed breath.
Getting soft and gentle, touching the heart of the moment, is touching the divine, in this moment, and in yourself.
Hold this in your gentle hands, a precious flower.
Tend and nurture it.
This is the flower of your heart, of your Self.


Your loving light family. ”

Dearest friends and all listening, I thank you.
By sharing and caring we actively live love in this World.

I wish you all a blessed year.
I love you very much.



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