The feeling in our heart.
The attraction.
The borders breaking down.
The experience of something stronger than our mind and will.

This is a marvellous happening to lead us into a reunification with something that wants to be one with us.
From inside of ourselves.
Has it been there before?
How can we perceive and recognize it out there?
This touches the great mysteries and needs not to be answered.
True and deep love always seeks a way past our minds understanding.
As it belongs to forces beyond our limited grasp.

We love what belongs to us.
We love what wants to get one with us.
This is as much human as mystic.
And we can and will accomplish this unification im ourselves when realizing it is a much more internal process.
In this realization we become free of outer happenings. We learn to receive the silent parts of love that resonate with our innermost being.
It is the art of sensing love even in silence, no action,
no answers.


We seek to receive parts of him or her to accomplish ourselves.
And this does not depend on outer happenings.

It is a very gentle and loving act of merging these qualities with our inner.
We can always do this.
And it brings so much peace and joy.

Each time we truly love this way we get a more complete version of ourselves and the great existance.

Thank you for listening and caring.


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