Dear friends and listeners,

today I want to share the story of how my latest poem unfolded.
It is as an example and as an inspirational and encouraging tale for you to grasp how we can truly receive.

I had just got home from grocery shopping and, having packed out and sorted all in, I sat for a little rest at our round living room table before starting to cook lunch.
My teenage daughter was resting on our sofa listening to pop music.

I simply allowed my body and mind to rest, breathing mindfully, enjoying my home and family situation in this moment. I felt very peaceful and grateful.

And there it was, a little movement in my backhead, also in my heart and stomach, physically noticable, like a soft touch or fluttering. I payed more attention and a feeling of space, deep peace and grace began to fill me. Devoting myself to this feeling I felt and knew there was something knocking at my inner ears, which feels really somehow like a phone call, not with sound but a pulse inside of me.
Then I “heard” the word “behold” and knew this was the start of a poem. Letting all of myself get receptive now I felt, heard and transferred the message and put down the poetic words.

It is always a very deep and profound experience.
One could call it channeling, but I like better to say receiving beauty to spread it.

I write, yet I sense myself as a channel. I transform what I sense, feel and hear or sometimes also see into words and expressions, so of course it has my personal and individual note.

I love it.
It makes me happy.
It blesses me to do so.
It works on my physical, emotional and mental being while I do this, and a longer time afterwards.

I share this with you because I want you to get to know me better, as this belongs to my personal experiences.
Also I want you to understand that receiving divine beauty and blessings is possible in our normal daily life situations. It does not require classical meditation, strict spiritual routines or retreats.

Instead I want to encourage to practice gratefulness and inner silence in your everyday experiences whenever you remember this.
Resting for a moment, breathing, being present.

And you will be lead to your inner space of receptivity.
Who knows what beautiful poem is waiting there for you to be heard?

Thank you for listening and caring. I truly love to share with you.


And here is the poem that I received:


Behold, behold
as the magic does unfold

In the silence
between the lines
under the surface
in depth of rhymes

Hark, hark
to the music in the dark

In the nights
over the moon
through the blanket
of starry bloom

Shiver and taste
the eternal grace

My heart, my soul
divine embrace
with wonders, with light
in infinite space.


“The starry night”
Vincent van Gogh

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