To master our energies we can start with the flame of passion and the shadow of depression.

The flame of passion, ignited from inside or outside, by pleasant or unpleasant triggers, increases our energy level but also brings us out of our center.
We need to learn and practice to calm and tame the passion flame. We can do this by soothing it with our inner deep sea of divine waters, and grounding it with our inner earth of divine body substances.

The inner water element is related to our inner divine heart and works through practice of compassion and loving acceptance.
By activating this in the situation of passion, for ourselves as much as any involved person, the passion flame calms down.
By activating our inner earth element, done by practicing simplicity and slowness and nurturing our physical body, the high energy of the passion flame is integrated and grounded.
And we need to withdraw any energy from attention or interpretation of the trigger and the related situation, persons, as well as from all inner processes in form of thoughts, feelings and sensations.
When the flame is calm and centered again we are back to natural peace and balance.

The shadow of depression, darkening our flame, no matter if caused from inside or outside, lowers our energy and also brings us out of our center.
We need to learn and practice to free and light our inner flame so to be balanced again.
We can do this by giving our inner flame the nourishing ground of our inner earth, nourishing our divine body elements, and by lifting and lighting our flame with our inner air elements, our breath and light mind and thinking.

We also need to withdrawn our attention and interpretation of any causing and related issues and focus on our inner heart and body with loving and gentle compassion.
By doing so we feed the inner divine body elements.
Further, by guiding ourselves in emotions and thoughts to see our needs and nourishing them we light our mental and emotional energies, and this turns the weel and starts a lightful process to rekindle our inner flame.

When the flame is bright and cheerful again we are back to natural peace and balance.
These elementary steps bring the first selfmastery we can attain.

words from a fellow soul wishing to share experiences with you 💚 💙 💜


(written in May 2017)

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