What is true integrity?
How can we attain it and hold mastery of it?

Integrity is a state of true being and acting through our real self, in any aspect of our life.
It includes resting in ourselves and our found values and truth as well as applying these in any contact to the outer world, be it in speaking or acting, but also in all the unseen and unheard aspects of sending out to our surrounding like our feelings, thoughts and energies.

To be able to fully observe and represent all these aspects of ourselves our anchor in our real self center needs to be solid and unshakeable, so that we are aware of any our energies, actions and the effects on our environment.
Before we begin to move from inside to the outside with an active energy we make sure to be totally still inside, and not be driven or pulled to get active, but following a natural and peaceful flow.

The movement of ourselves towards the outside can be calm and mild or fierce and intense, and the effect on our environment can be soft and gentle or blasting and shaking, but it is necessary to stay in the inner anchoring and in inner peace no matter how the energies might develop. This way we stay and act fully integer and in full connection with our real self, and regardless of developing energies and effects we can master the inner and outer situation in the sense of being real, true and respectful.

In the stage of full mastery of integrity we are able to focus concurrently on our center and our outer activity including any effects and reactions, as these aspects merge into one full perception.
Our personality and physical body have become an individual nuance or art of living and expressing ourselves, but do not have an own distorted and conditioned existance any more.

Having attained this stage we loose all experience of fight or struggle or any discrepancy of our inner and outer self or the inner and outer world.

Personal hint:
I am in the middle of this learning process.
I wish to share my experiences and realized or received helpful
informations and advices to light up your path.
As always, I cannot claim to know all the truth or to always deliver information correctly.
Seek for the truth by looking inside yourself.
I am happy to encourage and assist you.

words from a fellow soul on its way back home like you too

… ❤ Ulrike

(written 14.03.2017)

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