Getting truly one with life


Dearest friends and anyone reading,

again I want to share about the experiences I have made and still make, as it is so different from many expectations and concepts about spirituality and enlightenment or ascension.
I am very interested in your experiences and how you feel about it too, so please feel invited to say something in the comments.

This morning I felt and experienced again an even deeper state of oneness with everything.
Better said, in an even more palpable and moving way than before.

It is not easy to translate into words.
I will try.

This feeling of love for everything. My own body, as a whole, but also its small parts, the cells and atoms, all interconnected and being flooded and filled with warmth and love light.
Such an undescribable feeling of almost painful love for it all inside of me.
It is me too! What a misconception to say I am only consciousness when I am deeply one with this amazing and beautiful body with its own worlds inside.

Yes, I can perceive it this way only after being one with a higher state of consciousness, but how could I waste this ability to make my body something secondary, inferior?
Being grateful and moved to tears to have the honour to be in a body, walking the path of a human being with all included.

And it is just the same when I connect to the world outside. A plant. An animal.
The soil. The sky. The whole planet. The universe. Feeling the same deeply touching and moving love. Heart melting. This all is really one with me, I feel it in every heartbeat and in my whole human body. This is no spiritual exercise and does not give me any advantage or superpower. It makes me very humble instead.

All those extraordinary experiences we can have on our path of evolving are great. Seeing other worlds and dimensions, talking to higher light beings in meditation and astral journeys.
Making out of body experiences. Experiencing ourselves as pure light, free from all burdens of the human existance.
Getting a steel hard discipline in controlling our lower body and emotional drives. Mastering our minds with straight exercises.

I admit, I have done it all.
And it was all a good experience and lesson.
But not for long, and not for loving myself and the world. It is not about control.
It is not about learning to overcome our human nature.
And it is nothing to get something better than before.

It is like being in a love relationship. With God.
With the very heart of life and existance.
We need to get open, soft, receptive. We need to be true and honest, admit our weaknesses and shadows, stand naked before our beloved. And be on one level, face to face.
Embracing all we are, and all of our beloved.
Then we will be taken by the mighty stream of love and carried into the deep core of it all. This is not controllable, and we cannot make it or achieve it.
As much as we cannot control birth or death.

It breaks us, and then it makes us whole.
With shaking body and tears in our eyes we realize the beauty of being alive, and a human.
And God is literally touching us, by anything we perceive and meet.

Thank you for listening.
This sharing means really alot to me.
I will truly appreciate your impression about it.

Blessings always.

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