Loyalty too can and shall be lifted to mastery in the sense of divine loyalty.

Loyalty is to align ourselves with and to represent and support the values and interests of another person, group or a higher aim, even if they do not completely meet our own personal values and interests.
We need and wish to do so to support and reinforce our next, a group or higher aim.

The challenge is not to overlook our crucial own needs and sacrifice ourselves for the other and outer, and also not to misunderstand or interpret the values of the supported part.

The solution lies in our inner center and anchor again.
We need to learn to be fully connected with our inner deepest self so to realize and be able to represent our truth and values.
In contact and while interacting with others and the outside and their values and interests we can sense the optimal balance and choose intuitivly in the given moment how much and in which manner we can and wish to represent their interests.

Anchoring in our deep self we have a divine source letting us flow easily and effortless from inside to the outside, from our needs to those of others, from a personal to a higher value.
The flow connects all the given aspects and leaves an experience of harmony and grace.
Different or even opposed aspects are not sensed as a problem or conflict and do not create tension. They are sensed as the variety, diversity and multi-layer reality the now always includes.
This perception and experience then includes all these aspects in our inner attitude and outer action. We need not weigh up our own interest in comparison with the outer or higher values, and we can rest in a calm and centered state at any time and in any situation.
Loyalty then is a natural inclusion of all given aspects and automatically serves the divine and thus all involved parties.

This is the state of mastery which ends all conflict between different interest and values and brings peace to the inner and outer world.

Personal hint :
While practicing and learning due to personal needs I wish to share with you about my experiences and understanding.
I was given a lot of helpful advice and information lately and wish to pass it on to you. May it serve you too.

Love from my heart to yours, Ulrike

(written on March 16th 2017)


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