SUMMER MOON AND HIGH NOON message for the full moon eclipse


-a message for the full moon eclipse-

Dear everyone,

I love to transmit good and beneficial things and messages, and today I feel called to tell you a beautiful and encouraging message from mother earth and alot of great beings that assist us and our beloved mother at any time.
I am not trying to differenciate between the senders of the message as this is not important; I receive by heart and ask you to do so as well:
„Beloved humans, beautiful inhabitants of lady Gaya, listen and rejoice, you are all welcome to receive a great blessing and uplifting in these days, and with this message.
The full moon eclipse of this month and summer of 2018 is a huge and exraordinary strong portal for highest cosmic energies, for all your upgrading, enlighting and healing, and of course for lady Gaya herself as well. We are all so very excited to see this event coming close and all you beautiful souls that are in alignment to receive the great beneficial effect of it.
You may still doubt yourself and also your fellow humans, and though not all are yet ready and cleansed enough to tune into this wave we are so happy to tell you that a really major number of humans will be taken by this wave of energy, in a good and progressive sense!
You all are doing so really great, and have worked effectively and hard and bravely on your shadows, wounds and karma, also your ancestral ones and those of others you love. We are so moved to see and realize your enourmous efford and work, and your love and compassion.
Now be assured also those still in the clutch of inner darkness or under unconscious influence by harmful forces WILL BE EFFECTED in a strong positive way by the upcoming energies!
Do not worry about the world so much right now, do not anger and doubt your fellow humans, and most of all do not judge anything right now. Be good to yourself, speak yourself gratitude and respect for all you have accomplished and healed already, in yourself.
Also speak your fellow beings gratitude and respect; show you care and see the others.
Being seen and respected is a huge key for anyone to be able to gather and hold strength to continue and believe, in oneself and the greater whole: humanity, the planet, god.

This upcoming full moon eclipse bears a phantastic chance for you humans to connect with each other on one height. Do not strive to be spiritual right now, and do not talk spiritually to others. Instead, embrace your humanness and all included, and do so with your fellow beings.
Let your indiviual beauty and specialness shine and be seen, for yourself and to encourage others to do so as well.

Who has ever been happy without being fully human, with all the little and bigger quirks and flaws?
And who has ever been truly sympethatic to others without this?
Dare to be fully human, humans!
We love you that way alot, and so PLEASE do so too!
And now behold the secret and key for humanity:
Your humanness is the vessel for the fully incarnated divine on earth, as being prepared since eaons. You MUST embrace all you are, your divine and spiritual self and unlimited soul as much as your human, flawed, fragile and limited self in a human body. Only this way the wonder of rebirth IN YOURSELF can be done by your creator with your assistance, as cocreator.

Now, celebrate this magnificent event, dear humans!
Go out there, dance and sing if you feel for that, or sit on your mother earths skin and rest and enjoy,
meet friends and family or your beloved and share love and joy and positiveness as much as possible. Tell the people you care for that you do, tell those you love that you do.

Bring all the good things on to the table of your mother earth, and be with all this, deeply connected.

Your mother loves you very much, she has always loved you, and she always will.
She is so happy to fly with all her children into this lightful delightful tunnel of love, and we will see you all on the other side!


Thank you for listening, it was a pleasure and great honour to receive and transmit this, which came while typing it.
Be well and come through safe; and as our friends have just said:
Ulrike  ❤

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