Discipline and gentleness

Dear everyone,

I have been reflecting on these two important elements on our spiritual path.
They are both crucial and also need to be understood and applied in the right way.
Since discipline is associated with clearness and strictness and selfcontrol while
gentleness with compassion, mildness and love they might seem like contrary
on first sight. But they are great complement attributes and disciplines indeed.
They can be associated with masculine (strict, clear and straighforward) and
feminine (soft, in waves and curves, loving) which are also not opposing but
complementary forces.

If we look at an example it might get clearer:
Assumed you want to get fitter, stronger and more focussed on your physical health.
You will figure out a diet, or healthy change in your nutrition, or a cleansing routine,
and for your physical fitness and strength you choose an exercising or fitness programm
or routine. To apply and maintain all these things you certainly need some discipline to
get yourself out of your former laziness, comfort zone and also self perception.
This encompasses the mental, emotional as well as physical plane.
You need to motivate yourself, clear out possible emotional resistance, and get yourself
moving physically.
But you must also stay in touch with your limitations, possible current issues on physical plane and restrictions due to your life. You need to see and take into concideration all your current tasks and challenges in your life which also need energy and can strain your body. This is listening to that what is and your bodys limitations as well.

The harmonic blend and interaction of both the striving discipline and the accepting mild gentleness will lead you into the best way to practice your path.
And this holds true and can be applied in any situation in our lives, be it for our own tasks or aims or in contact with others.
The harmonic interaction between discipline and gentleness is a truly beautiful experience.

I hope to have inspired you my friends,


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