Dear everyone,

today I feel and sense very clearly again what the real and true meaning and blessing of Christmas time is. This results from real life experiences as much as contemplative and meditative insights and experiences.

Finding and cultivating a deeper sense of love is the overall agreed meaning and purpose of this sacred time of the year. We all feel a deeper yearning for love in this time, and also a greater need.
It is important to seek and find love in our own hearts, inside of ourselves, independant of outer happiness and the action or reaction of people. This is the path alot of us approach in general, and over the whole year. It is the path of introspection, self reflection and search for God inside.
It is a path to find love and meaning inside, so that we can live and be love outside as well, with no conditions and demands to get something at first.

This might be the core message of Christ and Christmas too, but now, in the times of outer darkness and the retreat of the outer life into its roots in winter time, we cannot only stick to this any more.
We have gathered wisdom and insight and have practiced our learning over the course of the year,
and now our hearts and living crave contact and people. We need to get in touch and share what we have found inside, give AND receive love, affection, care and compassion, in closeness with people.
This is something our ancestors have done naturally – gather round the fire place to be close and share warmth, physical togetherness, tell stories and tales, sing, dance, eat and drink, and rest in this soothing and nourishing feeeling of being in touch with other people.

The real nourishment that brought them safely through the winter was always the human closenness and warmth, helping even in times of freezing cold and lack of food. And the real nourishment that brings us safely and warm through the winter these days is still just the same.
So do not forget to LIVE the divine and the love you have found or have been searching for over the year, with real people, in real life. Call friends and family, meet persons you have not seen for longer,
greet your neighbors warmly, smile and talk to strangers on the train, thank the hairdresser or the waitress in a more personal, wam way. Let your love get PALPABLE. And you will feel it come back in a palpable way too.

The fireplace to gather is in our hearts, and we take it with us no matter where we go.
Our people and family is anywhere we get in a real warm touch with people.
And true togetherness blooms every moment we share of ourselves without an agenda but with
being natural and close and warm with other people.
And the true blessing of Christmas are people!



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