Unity is an experience and aim most of us approach on our spiritual path.
How can we attain mastery in it?

To experience unity with nature, a great artwork or music and the included ideas and energies and with a beloved person are certainly very blissfull and attractive topics of unity.
We are challenged with and while dealing with the many aspects of our life, society, other people or on our planet in general that do not leave only pleasant feelings but very often the contrary, or even frightening or threatening us or our friends and family.
Dealing with life and existance as whole with the full spectrum of expressions, energies and the resulting impacts and effects on us require a quite different approach to sense unity with life and existance nevertheless.

We cannot resonate with all of it, we cannot keep unmoved and not feel sad, hurt or frightening at times, we cannot accept behaviour or happenings if destructive or threatening and we certainly need to take action to protect ourselves or others or our environment or mother earth.
To realize and live unity does not mean to be a mere observer and passively accept everything on our personal level and in our personal life.
What we can learn and practice is to be aware of being one with all that is while differenciating what to accept and when to act.
To be one means then to realize we all have had times of being and acting destructively or recklessly, we all have had to be corrected or even stopped, we all had to evolve from darker to lighter planes.

This does not justify the witnessed action of others or inacceptable behaviour or situation, but from a standpoint of inner unity with all that is we can act without hatred and resentment, we can protect without fear or even panic, we can confront without judgement and superiority.
Being one or in unity with all that is implements a state of inner peace yet power, acceptance of the now yet determination to act, love for life and our next yet the voice of a lion and the strength of a tiger to put others back into their place.

This is the state of full mastery of unity.
Here compassion and love in action are truly balanced, and the holding of the world in ourselves is attained.

Personal hint:
A great but beautiful task I am in to share with you.
As always, take my words as inspiration and support and seek your own truth in yourself.

With devotion to the One
from a soul that is still not done
For your delight and light đź’š đź’™ đź’ś


(written on March 18th, 2017)

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