Passing the good on


Hello everyone,
this sounds natural to you? Great!
Because I found it is the true source of my happiness and emotional as well as mental health. I even dare to say this is the key to our life and to fulfill our purpose here on earth.

When we get something good or also something material or monetary we should pass a part of it on, gift it to someone or give something to a good cause.
When we get love and good vibes we should just turn around and light up the person behind us, or a place that’s not so bright.
When we receive a divine blessing or gift we shall even fully pass it on, as it will even grow in us this way.

Doing this naturally comes when we realize we do not own anything or have a reserved right. And understanding we do not loose or lack anything when being generously giving.

It is all a great divine circle and God will not have us come too short. Of course this includes a healthy measure in all what I have said. Letting ourselves be filled up first and feeling safe and nourished is the base.

Today I experienced this so beautifully again, and I had been sad and exhausted only last night. The good comes back so quickly when we are receptive and open for it. It actually never quits our side if we stay firm in faith.

So let us pass on the good! Every day. This makes the world a better place!
A beautiful day for you all,

Ulrike đź’ś

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