What is home

-creating and inviting a good home-

Dear everyone, what means home to you?
Where and when do you feel at home?

Around easter time I once more felt deeply into this topic and these questions.
Home is a place for us for sure, a place where we belong, where we can relax, rest and regenerate. A place which we can create like we wish and need it and where we can be completely ourselves. And a place that is safe and nourishing.

All these attributes and properties can only be given and maintained when also the people living in and around this place are focussed on these same things and are willing to provide and maintain what is needed.

So home can be felt and experienced where people are attuned to the same home-felt vibes.
It can also be felt and experienced anywhere in nature and with animals since here is a naturally given resonance if we only have an open heart and receptive senses.

Bur what if there are people not resonating? People with difficult vibes, negativity or at least no energy to invest into a home felt environment? Do we have to break up, move away, cut contact or at least try to avoid contact to save our home?

I am experiencing again and again this is a dead end attempt.
Only inclusive approaches can make us healthy and happy in the end. We cannot expect to live in a perfect place with only perfect people around us. We can create as much light and beauty as possible but still need to embrace the dark or negative as well. Home is where we are still welcome in darker times and with difficult or negative vibes. So who are we to exclude or avoid others who are not in the perfect vibe?

What a home do we offer if we judge or even abandon people who are not (yet) bright and positive?
My experience shows that we as the more conscious, loving and lightfilled beings sure need a good home very much but also have the task to provide it for others even more, and invite them into this good-home-mode by this.

By being accepting, patient and compassionate we do not simply tolerate others negative being but give them a home feeling that enables them to become more positive. And eventuelly they will be in the position to add to our mutual created good home.

This includes taking care of our healthy bondaries and also a NO or a consequence in case of destructive behaviour. It is rather a matter of our inner attitude towards them.

Home is where we are living in positive interactions, in healthy sharing of everyones possibilities and taking care of everyones restrictions and needs.
It is not always perfect and harmonious. But it is based on love and respect.

Home is created, not found.

Blessings to all of you.
Ulrike đź’š