The beauty of the elements


See this magnificent photo of a light flooded cave in Ibiza. It is containing all four elements in divine composition:
The earth providing the material of the rocks. The water filling the space of the cave partly. The air fillling the other part of the cave.
And the sunlight, created by fire, flooding all of this with its splendour.

The beauty is so great as it is a harmony between all four elements, they each seem to have their space but also combine to a whole.
And this creates something divine, and calls forth a fifth element: An unseen but clearly perceptible vibe, a kind of taste, feeling, sensation.
This is etherical, and each of us might sense it differently, depending on our kind and sensual built. It is the supernatural factor, that can initiate the bliss, astonishment or reverence in us at the sight or experience of such beauty in nature.

We ourselves can become such places of beauty and inititate such experience in others. When we provide space for all four elements in us, in a non-physical sense, and let them dwell in our body in harmony. This means to become aware of the attributes of the elements and their effects on us and practice to integrate these into our lives in action and being.

Earth is the stability and groundedness, the substance for our actions and manifestations.
Water is the ability to feel, flow between ourselves and others, nourish and be compassionate, and receive.
Air is the fluctivity in mind and thoughts, for clearness and creativity, for adabtibility and change, for moving.
Fire is the transformational energy, the food for creativity and passion, for will and action.

All of these integrated in love and respect for each will bring forth the ether in us to kindle the divine flame and emerge into something higher than our human nature. It is the substance to rise above our every day perception and be able to perceive and receive divine energies.
It all starts simple: getting to know the elements, in ourselves.

Thank you for listening to my thoughts. I hope it can be illuminating for your hearts and minds.


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