Awaking from Winters sleep

Cave flooding with light- metaphorical for awaking

Awaking from Winters sleep

Please release me winters sleep
I cried and wiped my eyes.
My soul starves and my spirit weeps
and I hunger for the skies.

Too long I have been blind and cold
cut off from life and heights,
I need to feel uplift and bold
and soar across the skies.

I prayed to father, mother god.
I quested earth and sea.
I begged for help at my lord.
I asked my real me.

And after all the truth unveiled:
The sleep that kept me still
resulted from a mighty shield
placed there by my own will!

A seal over my spirits sight,
a cover on my eyes
that held back the higher light,
darkening my inner skies.

I have to use my will, declare:
The time to sleep is passed,
the shield removed, no longer there,
to call back light so vast.

In false regards of others fears,
by empathy of pain,
through even crying others tears –
and all this was in vain.

I starve and hurt to hide my light.
I cannot walk your path.
I give it up to fight your fight.
This is no proof for love.

I cannot wait for others too.
I need to walk my way.
This stagnation makes me blue
and I get darker when I stay.

And see: the lense of my own sight
opens up once more
to the brilliant godsent light
and opens heavens door.


*picture: Jomblang Cave, Java, credits to the great photographer

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