A Channeling for our current global situation

Dearest everyone,
this morning I received a channeling for our global situation. I hesistated to share it since we can read so many to this topic these days. I personally like it, though I am not sure this has not already been said by another medium. Anyway, here it is, and I hope it will encourage and calm you.
Much love, Ulrike

“Dear inhabitants of earth, you do already receive alot of help by channelings and also personal perceptions of human beings concerning the actual crisis due to the virus. So we need not repeat what has already been said.
We speak to you to tell you something different to support you.
In the last 30 years there has been a strong development amongst humans to alienate themselves from their own inner self and own nature. In the 1990s we had happily seen man turn to a better way but it has not proven to stay stable and proceed. This has lead to an increase in materialistic and narcisstic tendencies and behaviour as well as in hunger for power over others and nature.
Now we see nature help you to get back onto the right track again, but not only by giving hints and providing energies to guide you, but by pushing you back onto yourself in the most radical way. Yes, mother nature can be fierce. She still loves you, but love can sometimes show by strictness, limitating and stopping inacceptable behaviour and even by a hard blow. Be aware though she does not mean to get rid of you or give animals and plants the lead over you. She simply wants to install a healthy measure.
Your earth with her nature has decreed and agreed with highest will to not leave the developments to the human insight and understanding any longer. It was time to let the creator interrupt by these means.
And alike a good father and a good mother they will support their children in this learning. They show you the way through. If you really look and listen, you will see and hear. It will show in nature as well, and you will hear the solutions in yourself once you turn inside and listen. This is the time of the great revelation, but not from outside in the news, but from inside your self. You need to retreat and connect with your own inner nature and self, each of you.
Healing will arise and unfold from here, individually and for mankind as a whole. Energetically and physically. Treatments will be found by looking for help in nature, the outer and inner one. And there shall be harmony again between man and nature to stop the current situation. This is the lesson.
And this includes harmony between the masculine and feminine as well, since this is necessary for man to achieve it.
We are hopeful and faithful in you dear humans. We are watching you and sending all the energetic support you need. But you yourself have to solve this. Do not be frightened but turn to nature and help each other whereever you can. You will make it.
With deep love, your supporting lightarian team.”

(channeled by myself)

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