Prayer for the new year

Prayer for the New Year


May I be open and curious for all that is to come. May I be willing to embrace both the ugly and the beautiful, the happy and the sad. May I be able to grow and learn no matter what will come.

May my heart be receptive for love in all its nuances and from all possible source. May it also be brave and unwavering to share love even in the most challenging and dark moments. May love stay my guide for connecting with others.

May also my mind stay foccused on postives and keep getting inspired by an unbroken spiritual connection to my self and the divine. May the light from inside keep shining through dark feelings and thoughts.

May my love and light and faith spread among the people I meet and help to make my environment a bit better.

And if we all do this the world is going to be not so bad at all.


Ulrike đź’›

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