I thank you my body for being my home and functioning so incredibly without my doing.
I want to take care of you as well as I can, honour you, respect your boundaries and limitations and provide you with anything you need.

I thank you my heart for feeling so deeply and sensitively all that touches me both physically and emotionally, and for helping me to build bonds and connections with the outside world and other beings. I will also take care of you and leave you the necessary space to process all these things and nourish you regularly with beautiful and delightful things. I want to respect your pain and sorrow and the moments when you simply can´t take any more.

I thank you my soul for leading me with a wisdom that lies beyond this life, as you are old and have been in so many lives. I can´t always understand. Yet I try to trust.
I want to let you be free to follow your urge and call, and learn the lessons you chose to learn in this life.

I thank you my spirit for connecting me tiredless wth the divine and spiritual realms, helping me rise from the mere human existance and experience into the heights and space where I can feel boundless and free. I will listen to you and practice to free myself from the worldly burdens and mundane tasks regularly to learn
to fly with you through the endless universe.

I thank you my God for creating all this and making me a human with a spiritual core.
I want to praise and trust you each and every day and embrace the adventure called life in the knowing that you are always with me.


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