Enchanted by a forest fairy

enchanted by a chant
enchantment by a forest fairy

Get enchanted by a forest fairy 💚
I do not mean me – she was showing in the tree and sings through me 💜

And yes, I dare to be seen and heard:
a video with a live channeled chant from a forest fairy.
Hope you’ll enjoy 😊


*find more of my videos on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOEhL_aGlTMDJrfkefXu29g


The alchemy of fire and water – a live channeling


alchemy of fire and water
channeling about the reunion of fire and water

The current heatwave in Germany and Europe as well as other critical conditions on earth have led me to sense into a message that is as much informative as practical.
It is less formal but quite personal and is about the feminine and masculine poles in humans and the whole and their balance and reunification.

I share this as a live channeling and not in written form.
Here you find my audio video on YouTube, I hope you will enjoy and profit of it.

Ulrike ❤

The grace and beauty of dying

death and life, two very close friends
death and life, two very close friends

Dear everyone,

what a topic in the middle of summers heat and sunny days!
Yet I feel called to the theme of death alot lately, not only in my  own inner and  contemplations but also through friends, familiy and my own memories.

Death always is a part of life, withering and passing begins in the midst of the year and the full power of the sun and nature, the leaving of outer light and warmth is already in progress in summers noon.

Transformations and transitions are closely related to death and happen frequently throughout the year and also in our life – the change of seasons, our yearly birthday, our stations in life like leaving of school, moving out of our parents house, job occupations and changes here, a marriage or other longer relationship and the end of it, the loss of friendships, the leaving of other persons in our life, the passing of people or animals we love and care for alot. It will always be challenging for the living, yet also always is a great teacher, all of this.

We have all experienced this numerous times before, and will experience again.
This is certain, if nothing else is. Change, loss and transitions are things that are certain and reliable.

Does this sound macabre to you?
It is not.
Feel deeply into this for a moment, and you might sense a release in it too,
and peace. Nothing ever stays the same, not the nice and good and beloved things, not the unpleasant, terrible and unbearable things. All this will end, all this will change and become something else, and so will you and everything and everyone in your life.

Change and death are truly dependable and also never selective and judging, as they treat all the same. They are one great force of creation and god that show equaliity and mercy and so grace to all life just the same.

Fear arises because we are insecure and scared of change, and because we are not willing to trust our creator and dive into the unknown. But the unknown awaits us each moment, if we think about it. There never is a guarantee or security for a certain development or outcome, nor for the reactions and actions of others. And the unknown comes with us each night we go to sleep, and awakes with us each morning. We never know what the night will bring, or the next day. It is not controllable, and will never be.

Death is our greatest master in life, and dying is the greatest experience we can make.
One day, we will pass, to the other side. Until then, we can keep fearing, ignoring, running from the death; we can fight it, try to control it, condemn and judge it, humour it: It does not change a thing.
We also can make friends with it. We can welcome all the smaller and bigger deaths
while we are alife, our changes, losses, and transitons. We can walk through our lifes challenges and transformations with grace and gratitude, no matter how painful and exhausting at times. We can celebrate the sun and the summers high and still already welcome the fall and winter and realize the dying light in the midst of summer.

This way, we are in full contact with life and all its splendour and power and still hold
fast to the other side of it: the dark, the moon, the doom, the withering and death.
And when death knocks at our bedstead one day we can welcome him like an old
friend, willingly take his hand and leave gracefully. And when a friend or family member is dying, we can rest by his side in peace and love and trust and gift him this grace by reaching brother deaths hand for our dying one, and connect them as friends too.

This not only gives the dying a peaceful passage home and lights up their soul,
it has the same effect on us and the whole world.


I thank you so much for listening and caring about this truly crucial theme.

Ulrike ❤

A message for the new earth – a live channeling for you

Dear everyone,

I am very happy to share this live channeling with you I received and recorded early morning in nature today. The message is from our brothers and sisters from Lyra, Sirius and the Pleiades, and is about true connection and unity consciousness.

It is less spiritual than you might assume, and very lovely and human.
I have not a written form this time, and so you are welcome to listen to the audio on YouTube.

Enjoy! Ulrike 💛 💙 💜

SUMMER MOON AND HIGH NOON message for the full moon eclipse


-a message for the full moon eclipse-

Dear everyone,

I love to transmit good and beneficial things and messages, and today I feel called to tell you a beautiful and encouraging message from mother earth and alot of great beings that assist us and our beloved mother at any time.
I am not trying to differenciate between the senders of the message as this is not important; I receive by heart and ask you to do so as well:
„Beloved humans, beautiful inhabitants of lady Gaya, listen and rejoice, you are all welcome to receive a great blessing and uplifting in these days, and with this message.
The full moon eclipse of this month and summer of 2018 is a huge and exraordinary strong portal for highest cosmic energies, for all your upgrading, enlighting and healing, and of course for lady Gaya herself as well. We are all so very excited to see this event coming close and all you beautiful souls that are in alignment to receive the great beneficial effect of it.
You may still doubt yourself and also your fellow humans, and though not all are yet ready and cleansed enough to tune into this wave we are so happy to tell you that a really major number of humans will be taken by this wave of energy, in a good and progressive sense!
You all are doing so really great, and have worked effectively and hard and bravely on your shadows, wounds and karma, also your ancestral ones and those of others you love. We are so moved to see and realize your enourmous efford and work, and your love and compassion.
Now be assured also those still in the clutch of inner darkness or under unconscious influence by harmful forces WILL BE EFFECTED in a strong positive way by the upcoming energies!
Do not worry about the world so much right now, do not anger and doubt your fellow humans, and most of all do not judge anything right now. Be good to yourself, speak yourself gratitude and respect for all you have accomplished and healed already, in yourself.
Also speak your fellow beings gratitude and respect; show you care and see the others.
Being seen and respected is a huge key for anyone to be able to gather and hold strength to continue and believe, in oneself and the greater whole: humanity, the planet, god.

This upcoming full moon eclipse bears a phantastic chance for you humans to connect with each other on one height. Do not strive to be spiritual right now, and do not talk spiritually to others. Instead, embrace your humanness and all included, and do so with your fellow beings.
Let your indiviual beauty and specialness shine and be seen, for yourself and to encourage others to do so as well.

Who has ever been happy without being fully human, with all the little and bigger quirks and flaws?
And who has ever been truly sympethatic to others without this?
Dare to be fully human, humans!
We love you that way alot, and so PLEASE do so too!
And now behold the secret and key for humanity:
Your humanness is the vessel for the fully incarnated divine on earth, as being prepared since eaons. You MUST embrace all you are, your divine and spiritual self and unlimited soul as much as your human, flawed, fragile and limited self in a human body. Only this way the wonder of rebirth IN YOURSELF can be done by your creator with your assistance, as cocreator.

Now, celebrate this magnificent event, dear humans!
Go out there, dance and sing if you feel for that, or sit on your mother earths skin and rest and enjoy,
meet friends and family or your beloved and share love and joy and positiveness as much as possible. Tell the people you care for that you do, tell those you love that you do.

Bring all the good things on to the table of your mother earth, and be with all this, deeply connected.

Your mother loves you very much, she has always loved you, and she always will.
She is so happy to fly with all her children into this lightful delightful tunnel of love, and we will see you all on the other side!


Thank you for listening, it was a pleasure and great honour to receive and transmit this, which came while typing it.
Be well and come through safe; and as our friends have just said:
Ulrike  ❤


song for self thankfulness



Another week comes to an end.
I have learned some more how to love and how to blend
all the nuances of life and myself into one.
It was hard and it was fun.

I have been high and also low,
I have allowed myself to grow,
I have trained some more to trust the flow.
I cannot say where all will go.

And that’s ok,
I am fine to be in the middle of the way
and I get comfortable with
never fully getting it right.
I am allowed to stray and fight.

And when I rest my head tonight
I am blessed to journey into the night
with all the uncertainty that includes my bliss
as my soul receives the celestial kiss.



Ein Zauberspruch

Extreme kennen
und auch leben
sie benennen
um zu weben

Einen Teppich
bunt und schön
um zu Fliegen
nicht drauf stehn.

Hexlein, Spinne, Weberknecht
knüpfe eifrig dein Geflecht !

schwarz und weiß
rot wie Blut
weiß wie Schnee
Feuers Glut
Wassers Eis
kühlt die Wut.

Mannes Stolz
Schwert im Schaft
Erde und Holz
Ernte schafft.

Weibleins Bauch
Liebes Kraft
Alter Brauch
Licht erschafft.

Kreis ohne Ende
mach mich ganz.

Hexe, Spinnlein, Weberknecht
spinne ein und mach es recht !

Extreme kennen
und auch leben
Pole nennen
um zu weben

Einen Stoff
bunt und schön
ein Gewebe
es wird dir stehn.

Möge tragen
unsren Traum
im Neuen Körper
in Neuen Raum.

Flügel wachsen
Licht gedeiht
Sonne wärmt
mein Neues Kleid.

Nimm das Alte
in Dir mit
flieg mein Vogel
sing Tiwitt !

Das Gewebe
das bist du
flieg ins Licht
der Sonne zu !

Flieg mein Schatten !
Sei mein Schein !
Neues Leben
mit Altem Wein.

Liebe zur Erde
nähre mein Blut
Liebe zur Sonne
sei meine Glut.

Hexe, Spinnlein, Weberknecht
sprich dem Neugebornen
sein Recht !

Vergiss nicht was war.
Du bist wunderbar
im Neuen Gewand
Deine Wurzeln im Land
Deine Flügel im Licht:


ULY 01.01.2016



Ich sitz allein im Blütenhain
wo Maiwind zu mir spricht:

“Bei aller Liebesfeierei –
vergiss die Einheit nicht!

Was suchst du zu vereinen?
Getrennt kann es nur scheinen.

Was ist bleibt wahr für immerdar,
das Zwei ist Illusion.
Geh nur, vereinige und sieh:
Das war und ist es schon.

Was wogend lustvoll sich vermischt
im Tanz der lauen Nacht
strömt aus dem Urmeer allen Seins
wohin du nun erwachst.”

Ich recke mich und schau mich um:
die Welt, sie ist noch da;
doch weicht nie die Erinnerung
dass dies schon immer war.

(geschrieben 01.05.2016)



Loyalty too can and shall be lifted to mastery in the sense of divine loyalty.

Loyalty is to align ourselves with and to represent and support the values and interests of another person, group or a higher aim, even if they do not completely meet our own personal values and interests.
We need and wish to do so to support and reinforce our next, a group or higher aim.

The challenge is not to overlook our crucial own needs and sacrifice ourselves for the other and outer, and also not to misunderstand or interpret the values of the supported part.

The solution lies in our inner center and anchor again.
We need to learn to be fully connected with our inner deepest self so to realize and be able to represent our truth and values.
In contact and while interacting with others and the outside and their values and interests we can sense the optimal balance and choose intuitivly in the given moment how much and in which manner we can and wish to represent their interests.

Anchoring in our deep self we have a divine source letting us flow easily and effortless from inside to the outside, from our needs to those of others, from a personal to a higher value.
The flow connects all the given aspects and leaves an experience of harmony and grace.
Different or even opposed aspects are not sensed as a problem or conflict and do not create tension. They are sensed as the variety, diversity and multi-layer reality the now always includes.
This perception and experience then includes all these aspects in our inner attitude and outer action. We need not weigh up our own interest in comparison with the outer or higher values, and we can rest in a calm and centered state at any time and in any situation.
Loyalty then is a natural inclusion of all given aspectsand automatically serves the divine and thus all involved parties.

This is the state of mastery which ends all conflict between different interest and values and brings peace to the inner and outer world.

Personal hint :
While practicing and learning due to personal needs I wish to share with you about my experiences and understanding.
I was given a lot of helpful advice and information lately and wish to pass it on to you. May it serve you too.

Love from my heart to yours, Ulrike

(written on March 16th 2017)