Dear friends and listeners,

today I want to share the story of how my latest poem unfolded.
It is as an example and as an inspirational and encouraging tale for you to grasp how we can truly receive.

I had just got home from grocery shopping and, having packed out and sorted all in, I sat for a little rest at our round living room table before starting to cook lunch.
My teenage daughter was resting on our sofa listening to pop music.

I simply allowed my body and mind to rest, breathing mindfully, enjoying my home and family situation in this moment. I felt very peaceful and grateful.

And there it was, a little movement in my backhead, also in my heart and stomach, physically noticable, like a soft touch or fluttering. I payed more attention and a feeling of space, deep peace and grace began to fill me. Devoting myself to this feeling I felt and knew there was something knocking at my inner ears, which feels really somehow like a phone call, not with sound but a pulse inside of me.
Then I “heard” the word “behold” and knew this was the start of a poem. Letting all of myself get receptive now I felt, heard and transferred the message and put down the poetic words.

It is always a very deep and profound experience.
One could call it channeling, but I like better to say receiving beauty to spread it.

I write, yet I sense myself as a channel. I transform what I sense, feel and hear or sometimes also see into words and expressions, so of course it has my personal and individual note.

I love it.
It makes me happy.
It blesses me to do so.
It works on my physical, emotional and mental being while I do this, and a longer time afterwards.

I share this with you because I want you to get to know me better, as this belongs to my personal experiences.
Also I want you to understand that receiving divine beauty and blessings is possible in our normal daily life situations. It does not require classical meditation, strict spiritual routines or retreats.

Instead I want to encourage to practice gratefulness and inner silence in your everyday experiences whenever you remember this.
Resting for a moment, breathing, being present.

And you will be lead to your inner space of receptivity.
Who knows what beautiful poem is waiting there for you to be heard?

Thank you for listening and caring. I truly love to share with you.


And here is the poem that I received:


Behold, behold
as the magic does unfold

In the silence
between the lines
under the surface
in depth of rhymes

Hark, hark
to the music in the dark

In the nights
over the moon
through the blanket
of starry bloom

Shiver and taste
the eternal grace

My heart, my soul
divine embrace
with wonders, with light
in infinite space.


“The starry night”
Vincent van Gogh



The feeling in our heart.
The attraction.
The borders breaking down.
The experience of something stronger than our mind and will.

This is a marvellous happening to lead us into a reunification with something that wants to be one with us.
From inside of ourselves.
Has it been there before?
How can we perceive and recognize it out there?
This touches the great mysteries and needs not to be answered.
True and deep love always seeks a way past our minds understanding.
As it belongs to forces beyond our limited grasp.

We love what belongs to us.
We love what wants to get one with us.
This is as much human as mystic.
And we can and will accomplish this unification im ourselves when realizing it is a much more internal process.
In this realization we become free of outer happenings. We learn to receive the silent parts of love that resonate with our innermost being.
It is the art of sensing love even in silence, no action,
no answers.


We seek to receive parts of him or her to accomplish ourselves.
And this does not depend on outer happenings.

It is a very gentle and loving act of merging these qualities with our inner.
We can always do this.
And it brings so much peace and joy.

Each time we truly love this way we get a more complete version of ourselves and the great existance.

Thank you for listening and caring.




After God had accomplished his creation he asked the flower:
Now that you exist, what is the meaning for you?
And the flower said: Blooming my lord. And praising you with my beauty and scent.
And he asked the bird:
Now that you exist, what is the meaning for you?
The bird said: Flying through the skies and singing to praise you, my lord.
And he asked the wild cat:
Now that you exist, what is the meaning for you?
The wild cat said:
Living and hunting and raising children to teach them how to live and hunt and raise children, to fulfill the circle of life and praise you my lord.

In the end God asked man:
Now that you exist, what is the meaning for you?
And the man said:
To praise you my lord by learning what you meant by making me human.

And God smiled and blessed the man.


personal footnote:
I have written these words but they seem not to be mine,
I have  recalled them in exact this form as if I have heard or
read this story somewhere.

Enjoy dear listeners




Dearest friends and listeners,

with the beginning of this year, I want to be very true and honest.
To myself, and you.

The transition has not only been happy and bright, but mingled with intense feelings of sadness, pain and loneliness for me.
I am telling you this as invitation to be true and honest too. As this is so important for our way back to ourselves.

Waking up into the first day of this new year, I greeted these feelings again, and sat down with them and myself in silence to listen to my inner guidance for help and advice.

Today, I want to share the encouraging and loving advice I received one to one with you. As my higher guidance is of the same source as yours, and speaks truth that is meant for all of us on this path of self finding.

This is what I asked:
“In my Self finding and Self realization, how to deal with sadness? With pain?
With loneliness and yearning for love?
How to find and keep true inner happiness? ”

This is what I was given:
the answers are all in yourself, in your heart.
Look here, not by mind.
Yes, compassion for yourself. This is the most important thing to cultivate.
Love yourself with all these feelings. They are there, they are ok. They are not obstacles to meet and realize yourself, but they are necessary doorways.
Don’t critizise yourself!
Nothing you feel is wrong, or weak, or unevolved, but HUMAN.

The process of Self-Realization goes THROUGH the land of the human suffering and pain, not past it. Never.
You are on the right path.
You are doing so really well.
And you will make it.
NEVER abandon these feelings. Embrace them, and yourself. Each time.
Don’t think of the future, or a goal.
Self-Realization is not a goal.
Just BE with yourself.
Close, warm, attentive.
Gentle, caring, loving.
Understanding, compassionate, nurturing.

And let go of the expectation that these feelings or inner movements need to vanish, and never arise again.
THIS is an obstacle, not the feelings themselves.
Just be with that what is, in this moment. Just be at peace with it. There is nothing to be improved, or changed.
Love this moment.
No matter how it is.
HAPPINESS does not mean the absence of pain, or sadness, or the feeling of human loneliness.
But to LOVE and EMBRACE all that is included in this precious moment.

You can sense it in the melting of your heart, of your inner resistance, of your mental constrictions, of your physical tension, of your rushed breath.
Getting soft and gentle, touching the heart of the moment, is touching the divine, in this moment, and in yourself.
Hold this in your gentle hands, a precious flower.
Tend and nurture it.
This is the flower of your heart, of your Self.


Your loving light family. ”

Dearest friends and all listening, I thank you.
By sharing and caring we actively live love in this World.

I wish you all a blessed year.
I love you very much.




from divine mother earth

Beloved humans,
beloved children,

I am very happy and grateful for each of you listening.
And even those not receiving this special message can and shall know. By turning inside, listening to their hearts and inner silence any human being can hear this too.

Now, you who are here right now: Be blessed, for your amazing and unwavering efford this past year to heal, to lift up, to clear, to hold the light up in dark, to love, to stand the storms and the darkness.
You are truly brave and beautiful. And I love you very much.

This winters solstice, don’t burden yourself, do not put another duty onto your tired shoulders.
Though it is, as always has been, a crucial point in the year, a marker, a portal:
Relax. Trust.
The work you have done is done. The effords you have taken will bring their harvest.

For this day, celebrate the NOW. Let your Self rest in the arms of the great Divine.
Bring your thankfulness, for earth, nature, the things that were given to you, the people close to you and whom you love and who love you, and for yourself.
Bring your love, for earth and nature, for life, for your life.
These are the greatest gifts on the altar of nature, and also in the sacred temple of your heart.

Allow these gifts to sink deeply into the nature of life and existance, outside and inside. And breathe in the heavenly light shining down its blessings on you on this holy day.

The return of the light, of Christ, is now and here, in you.
Seed this light deeply in yourself, so it can grow, bloom and bear fruits into the next year, for yourself, for humanity, for life and existance.
This winters solstice is indeed a great initiation into the Christ light, open for any human heart that opens its gates for love, in humility and faith.

Blessings from your mothers heart, and blessings from my star sisters letting the starlight rain onto you on this holy day.


picture credits to unknown artist 💜



I am in a storm right now and I am feeling great.
The cold wind is waking me up, increasing my blood circulation.
The ruffling on my hair and body makes me feel vivid and challenges me to stand even stronger, or to dance with the stormwind.
The howling and roaring makes me feel my inner silence even better.

I embrace the storm as he shakes my ground so things can be sorted anew.
He blows loose and ungrounded things away, or makes me ground and tighten what is of value and importance.
He gives me more power to let go, and trust in change.
And he makes me feel my place in the great forces of nature.

I thank you storm.




Today, let us see and sense anything that appears to us as an opportunity to open up more inside.

What is really happening when we face a challenge,
a pain, fear, loss or disappointment?
The thing that matters is never out there, it is inside.

Of course it is not so easy to understand and perceive this way, and we need to withdraw and care for ourselves first to be able to change our point of view.

My treasures for you today result from this work and realization.
I wish to encourage you, to give you my love and light for whatever challenges and burdens you.

In the light inside of yourself,
where we also are always together with our beloved ones, and with the divine love and light, feel your heart.
Feel your fragile yet powerful light and warmth.
I assure you that it is always enough, always there no matter how you feel right now.

It is for you, to recover from your emotional, physical and mental stress.
And more, it is so powerful that while you are recovering it opens widely the door to the divine.

You arrive there naturally whilst resting in your inner heart. Humans are born magical beings, as their true hearts are inborn portals to the heavens.

And you need not know and learn more about it.
Simply by having this knowing and faith you do the wonder each time you retreat into your inner heart, resting there, breathing peacefully. Recovering yourself from the outer stress and from emotional turmoilt, you automatically recover and heal the outside situation with all that is included.

Isn’t this a truly beautiful thing to know?
Every human can do it, no matter how old or evolved or how being raised and shaped.

It is our real natural being.
It is our inborn power.
And it is what we are doing now.

Portals built from love,
beginning with selflove
and selfcare.
All else unfolding like a blossoming flower, nourished by this selflove,
which is automatically spreading into the world.

It is simple.
It is pure.
Gentle, childlike, small at first but growing with irresistable might.

I am so very grateful and happy to share this with you. Have a most beautiful day my dear friends and all of you listening.

… 💜 Ulrike