Passing the good on

PASSING THE GOOD ON Hello everyone, this sounds natural to you? Great! Because I found it is the true source of my happiness and emotional as well as mental health. I even dare to say this is the key to our life and to fulfill our purpose here on earth. When we get something good … Continue reading Passing the good on


MASTERY OF UNITY Unity is an experience and aim most of us approach on our spiritual path. How can we attain mastery in it? To experience unity with nature, a great artwork or music and the included ideas and energies and with a beloved person are certainly very blissfull and attractive topics of unity. We … Continue reading SELFMASTERY IN 7 STEPS : PART IV

Discipline and gentleness

Dear everyone, I have been reflecting on these two important elements on our spiritual path. They are both crucial and also need to be understood and applied in the right way. Since discipline is associated with clearness and strictness and selfcontrol while gentleness with compassion, mildness and love they might seem like contrary on first … Continue reading Discipline and gentleness