A message for the new earth – a live channeling for you

Dear everyone, I am very happy to share this live channeling with you I received and recorded early morning in nature today. The message is from our brothers and sisters from Lyra, Sirius and the Pleiades, and is about true connection and unity consciousness. It is less spiritual than you might assume, and very lovely and … Continue reading A message for the new earth – a live channeling for you


TRANSFORMATION Ein Zauberspruch Extreme kennen und auch leben sie benennen um zu weben Einen Teppich bunt und schön um zu Fliegen nicht drauf stehn. Hexlein, Spinne, Weberknecht knüpfe eifrig dein Geflecht ! schwarz und weiß rot wie Blut weiß wie Schnee Feuers Glut Wassers Eis kühlt die Wut. Mannes Stolz Schwert im Schaft Erde und … Continue reading TRANSFORMATION


MASTERY OF LOYALTY Loyalty too can and shall be lifted to mastery in the sense of divine loyalty. Loyalty is to align ourselves with and to represent and support the values and interests of another person, group or a higher aim, even if they do not completely meet our own personal values and interests. We need and wish to do so to support and reinforce our next, a group or higher aim.