MASTERY OF UNITY Unity is an experience and aim most of us approach on our spiritual path. How can we attain mastery in it? To experience unity with nature, a great artwork or music and the included ideas and energies and with a beloved person are certainly very blissfull and attractive topics of unity. We … Continue reading SELFMASTERY IN 7 STEPS : PART IV


MASTERY OF LOYALTY Loyalty too can and shall be lifted to mastery in the sense of divine loyalty. Loyalty is to align ourselves with and to represent and support the values and interests of another person, group or a higher aim, even if they do not completely meet our own personal values and interests. We need and wish to do so to support and reinforce our next, a group or higher aim.


WHY DO WE LOVE? The feeling in our heart. The attraction. The borders breaking down. The experience of something stronger than our mind and will. This is a marvellous happening to lead us into a reunification with something that wants to be one with us. From inside of ourselves. Has it been there before? How … Continue reading WHY DO WE LOVE

Story of my Resurrection III

TO LIVE CONSCIOUSLY TO DIE CONSCIOUSLY Dear listeners, again I write and report from own experiences, insights and contemplations. Please read and use it in own pace and responsibility, I make it available for the best of all of us. The first stage of our death is the loss of our physical body. We literally … Continue reading Story of my Resurrection III