Friends are the most important people in my world. They can be in my blood family like my children or relatives, they can be my neighbours and aquaintances, they can be lovers and partners, they can be my teachers, mentors and students, my collegues, my patients and clients, my close and more loose friends.

True friendship requires true unconditional love, mutual respect and trust, empathy and compassion, patience and mutual assistance and encouragement, mutual teaching and learning.

Given all this, true friends are the world for each other, and can establish heaven on earth.


When you understand what this means the gate to the World of Love and Bliss opens up for you.

… ❤ Ulrike

Thank you for being my friends ❤ International Love ❤

Gratitude to

TARETH   United Kinddom   Tareth official site UK

ALTAIR SHYAM   Japan   Altair Shyam blog

GILLES ASSELIN   United States   School of Spiritual Learning

ANDREAS KLINKSIEK   Austria   Universelle Harmonik website and blog

TODD MEDINA   United States   Soulogy One Studios youtube

MATTHEW JAMES ROMANCHICK   United States   The Conscious Vibe youtube

STEPHAN ADDY   Germany   Elfenhain Yoga Coaching & Shop

MARC REISS   Germany   Neues Lernen Mentaltraining & Coaching

FLONN DECKER   Germany   Verein für Kunst Kultur & Kinder

HIROSHI TAKEMURA   Japan   Spiritual Advisor & Light Language facebook

KYRIA MYSTICA   United States   The Vocal Alchemist blog

PAT GRABHAM   United Kingdom   Light Worker blog

PAULINE BATTELL   United KIngdom   Lightarian Rays Master blog

MARIJA SCHWARZ   Germany   Golden Age Artist Page

KARINA BRENK-RAMIREZ   Germany   Avalon Seminare und Therapie

BEATE ADDY   Germany   Elfenhain Ayurveda Massagen

DEVA ANANDA OM   Sweden   Singer & Artist soundcloud

AURORA CHIHIRO   Japan   Light Language & Bliss facebook

… ❤ to be continued …




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