Dearest friends and visitors,

you are welcome to ask me for personal and individual help and support.
The form of this does best develop while we get in contact and you tell me what moves you, or what is difficult and challenging in your life, or which questions you have.

To give you some examples and inspiration – it could be:

❤ body and energy system scanning to localize the fields where your problems have manifested

❤ a personal channeling from the source that does fit best for you and your topic

❤ advice and practical tipps for you out of my own experiences and knowledge

❤ love and compassion and much much listening for giving you warmth, hope and feeling appreciated in times of sorrow and pain

❤ distant healing for body, heart and soul in the form that you and your system can use and take in

❤ mental clearing in form of advice and coaching

❤ a poem written only for you as soul and heart food

❤ help in all love matters

❤ support and advice in all family matters

I am a deeply empathic and compassionate human being, and what I can do is to tune into your energy and vibration and see what reveals to me.
This is only possible for me if you and your system really want this.
And when highest will and wisdom of both of us is aligned as well.

So I cannot guarantee this or any specific outcome.
The way is to get in contact and connect in mutual trust and respect,
and let things unfold.

This way true healing can happen.


As I have no fix offers I also do not have fix prices.
And I want to find the right measure for payment individally with you.
We both need to feel good and balanced with it.
In general, one hour work I apply for you is worth 60,- € for me.
So this is a number from where we will find the price.

Payment possibilities are via paypal and bank transfer.


write me at:

Then we will find a form of communication that is best for both you and me and your situation.

This could be via email, a chat, a telephone call, and in few cases video talk.

I am very happy and curious to get to know you and your story!