Services and prices of poetry councelling coaching spiritual advice readings healing, Ulrike Kussike
Services and Prices, Ulrike Kussike


The exchange course is actually so that 30 € are 35 US-D
and 50 € are 59 US-D. When you order a service I will give you
the exact daily exchange course based price in US-D.


These are prices for my fixed offers. The varying ranges result from the fact that the
efford for written services differ alot. We will fix the price always in beforehand after

In case of further indiviually arranged services or products the price is 30 € per 30 min and 50 € per hour efford I need to invest.


Payments are possible via banktransfer or paypal.
I will give you my data after our scheduling is completed.
Payment is always in advance.


You need to be reliable for our appointments.
If I do not reach you when calling I will repeat to try for 5 min, then the appointment is set on storno. I will then suggest a second appointment, which needs to work.
There is no refundment possible in the case you are not punctual.

I myself will tell you at least 12 hrs in advance if I cannot do an appointment.
You can reschedule or get your fee back.

You can ask for a complete storno of your request up to 48 hrs in beforehand without a reason. You will receive a refund.
You can ask for a rescheduling up to 12 hrs in beforehand. Then we will make a new
appointment. This is possible only once. Else you cannot receive a refundment.

There is no refund possible after delivery or completed service.

In case of a sending of a product I am responsible that it arrives.
Any problems or failure are on my account, and I will give you a refund without
any discussion.