Dear everyone,

today I feel and sense very clearly again what the real and true meaning and blessing of Christmas time is. This results from real life experiences as much as contemplative and meditative insights and experiences.

Finding and cultivating a deeper sense of love is the overall agreed meaning and purpose of this sacred time of the year. We all feel a deeper yearning for love in this time, and also a greater need.
It is important to seek and find love in our own hearts, inside of ourselves, independant of outer happiness and the action or reaction of people. This is the path alot of us approach in general, and over the whole year. It is the path of introspection, self reflection and search for God inside.
It is a path to find love and meaning inside, so that we can live and be love outside as well, with no conditions and demands to get something at first.

This might be the core message of Christ and Christmas too, but now, in the times of outer darkness and the retreat of the outer life into its roots in winter time, we cannot only stick to this any more.
We have gathered wisdom and insight and have practiced our learning over the course of the year,
and now our hearts and living crave contact and people. We need to get in touch and share what we have found inside, give AND receive love, affection, care and compassion, in closeness with people.
This is something our ancestors have done naturally – gather round the fire place to be close and share warmth, physical togetherness, tell stories and tales, sing, dance, eat and drink, and rest in this soothing and nourishing feeeling of being in touch with other people.

The real nourishment that brought them safely through the winter was always the human closenness and warmth, helping even in times of freezing cold and lack of food. And the real nourishment that brings us safely and warm through the winter these days is still just the same.
So do not forget to LIVE the divine and the love you have found or have been searching for over the year, with real people, in real life. Call friends and family, meet persons you have not seen for longer,
greet your neighbors warmly, smile and talk to strangers on the train, thank the hairdresser or the waitress in a more personal, wam way. Let your love get PALPABLE. And you will feel it come back in a palpable way too.

The fireplace to gather is in our hearts, and we take it with us no matter where we go.
Our people and family is anywhere we get in a real warm touch with people.
And true togetherness blooms every moment we share of ourselves without an agenda but with
being natural and close and warm with other people.
And the true blessing of Christmas are people!



The grace and beauty of dying

death and life, two very close friends
death and life, two very close friends

Dear everyone,

what a topic in the middle of summers heat and sunny days!
Yet I feel called to the theme of death alot lately, not only in my  own inner and  contemplations but also through friends, familiy and my own memories.

Death always is a part of life, withering and passing begins in the midst of the year and the full power of the sun and nature, the leaving of outer light and warmth is already in progress in summers noon.

Transformations and transitions are closely related to death and happen frequently throughout the year and also in our life – the change of seasons, our yearly birthday, our stations in life like leaving of school, moving out of our parents house, job occupations and changes here, a marriage or other longer relationship and the end of it, the loss of friendships, the leaving of other persons in our life, the passing of people or animals we love and care for alot. It will always be challenging for the living, yet also always is a great teacher, all of this.

We have all experienced this numerous times before, and will experience again.
This is certain, if nothing else is. Change, loss and transitions are things that are certain and reliable.

Does this sound macabre to you?
It is not.
Feel deeply into this for a moment, and you might sense a release in it too,
and peace. Nothing ever stays the same, not the nice and good and beloved things, not the unpleasant, terrible and unbearable things. All this will end, all this will change and become something else, and so will you and everything and everyone in your life.

Change and death are truly dependable and also never selective and judging, as they treat all the same. They are one great force of creation and god that show equaliity and mercy and so grace to all life just the same.

Fear arises because we are insecure and scared of change, and because we are not willing to trust our creator and dive into the unknown. But the unknown awaits us each moment, if we think about it. There never is a guarantee or security for a certain development or outcome, nor for the reactions and actions of others. And the unknown comes with us each night we go to sleep, and awakes with us each morning. We never know what the night will bring, or the next day. It is not controllable, and will never be.

Death is our greatest master in life, and dying is the greatest experience we can make.
One day, we will pass, to the other side. Until then, we can keep fearing, ignoring, running from the death; we can fight it, try to control it, condemn and judge it, humour it: It does not change a thing.
We also can make friends with it. We can welcome all the smaller and bigger deaths
while we are alife, our changes, losses, and transitons. We can walk through our lifes challenges and transformations with grace and gratitude, no matter how painful and exhausting at times. We can celebrate the sun and the summers high and still already welcome the fall and winter and realize the dying light in the midst of summer.

This way, we are in full contact with life and all its splendour and power and still hold
fast to the other side of it: the dark, the moon, the doom, the withering and death.
And when death knocks at our bedstead one day we can welcome him like an old
friend, willingly take his hand and leave gracefully. And when a friend or family member is dying, we can rest by his side in peace and love and trust and gift him this grace by reaching brother deaths hand for our dying one, and connect them as friends too.

This not only gives the dying a peaceful passage home and lights up their soul,
it has the same effect on us and the whole world.


I thank you so much for listening and caring about this truly crucial theme.

Ulrike ❤

A message for the new earth – a live channeling for you

Dear everyone,

I am very happy to share this live channeling with you I received and recorded early morning in nature today. The message is from our brothers and sisters from Lyra, Sirius and the Pleiades, and is about true connection and unity consciousness.

It is less spiritual than you might assume, and very lovely and human.
I have not a written form this time, and so you are welcome to listen to the audio on YouTube.

Enjoy! Ulrike 💛 💙 💜



After God had accomplished his creation he asked the flower:
Now that you exist, what is the meaning for you?
And the flower said: Blooming my lord. And praising you with my beauty and scent.
And he asked the bird:
Now that you exist, what is the meaning for you?
The bird said: Flying through the skies and singing to praise you, my lord.
And he asked the wild cat:
Now that you exist, what is the meaning for you?
The wild cat said:
Living and hunting and raising children to teach them how to live and hunt and raise children, to fulfill the circle of life and praise you my lord.

In the end God asked man:
Now that you exist, what is the meaning for you?
And the man said:
To praise you my lord by learning what you meant by making me human.

And God smiled and blessed the man.


personal footnote:
I have written these words but they seem not to be mine,
I have  recalled them in exact this form as if I have heard or
read this story somewhere.

Enjoy dear listeners



I am in a storm right now and I am feeling great.
The cold wind is waking me up, increasing my blood circulation.
The ruffling on my hair and body makes me feel vivid and challenges me to stand even stronger, or to dance with the stormwind.
The howling and roaring makes me feel my inner silence even better.

I embrace the storm as he shakes my ground so things can be sorted anew.
He blows loose and ungrounded things away, or makes me ground and tighten what is of value and importance.
He gives me more power to let go, and trust in change.
And he makes me feel my place in the great forces of nature.

I thank you storm.




Dear friends, dear listeners,

I want to encourage you to see
your personal journey and story
as human being as a great gift
for all others.

We are challenged, we are struggling
and we deal with our trials.
Could it not be this is our purpose,
the meaning of our life?

To stand strong for ourselves
no matter what without
comparison to others and
their lifes and possibilities.

In the end, we are the specialists
of our life and path, and only we
ourselves can find the right way
and medicine for it.

Our great gift for humanity
is exactly this processs
and the sharing of it.
And not only after having
fulfilled all our tasks,
which is never done,
but while and in the middle
of it all.

By sharing our story
we break the walls of
shameful silence and
isolation, ours and
those of our fellow humans.

Our hidden treasure
lies in our own personal story.
Do not hide, your precious
unique light wants to be
freed through your very life.

And believe me,
it cannot be too hard or too
meaningless to share.
YOU give the meaning to it,
YOU are the one that counts.

The human life is much greater
than we can yet grasp.
Why? Because we love, fail,
learn, break, still go on,
laugh and cry, believe and
loose, and gather hope and
light again and again.

Human. Weak and strong.
Connected through love
and through pain.
Waking our inner light
in the midst of it all.



Story of my Resurrection III


Dear listeners,

again I write and report from own experiences, insights and contemplations.
Please read and use it in own pace and responsibility, I make it available
for the best of all of us.

The first stage of our death is the loss of our physical body.
We literally leave it. We are a bundled consciousness gathered
in a conglomerate called soul.
Our soul is light but also gathered experiences of all our lived existances
and even those of others.
This is it what makes out the great challenge.
It is indeed very individual and special, everone has his or her own
specific trials and challenges to master, in life as well as in death.

One can even say the soul is the life sparc to animate and keep the
physical realm and body alive and running. Saying this it is inevitable there
build bonds and attachments to the physical too for the sake to protect and maintain
the physical life our soul inhabits. It has helped me alot to sense this soul
more a feminine force caring for the physical. Physically related fears
and issues are very much connected to the soul and its gathered experiences
over all the lived lifes and existances.

In the moment of physical death we are challenged foremost with all those
fears and attachments related to our physical body and earthly life.
And as much as these are somehow feminine aspects of ourselves
we are able to solve and release them in a femine way.

Our soul leaves our physical body in the same way as it has entered it
when we were still in the womb of our earthly mother:
Through the root chakra. This is why birth and death are so similar
and experienced as a passage through a dark narrow tunnel with feelings
and sensations of pressure, darkness and great fear that feels quite
physical still. That passage is the birth channel of our own body,
to pass down through our first, the root chakra, into the astral realm.

The solution to be able to pass lies in a femine way:
Relaxation, trust, surrendering to the process.
Alike to giving birth.
Yet the knowledge and clearness necessary to be able to do so
we are talking about right now lies in a clear undistracted mind.

This is an aspect in my comprehension and experience I relate
to be more masculine. I have realized this as the clear spirit
we all have as force and energy too apart from our soul.
It is the ability to see things from a clear and unemotional
standpoint or view and observe and manage.

It is a lovely and helpful approach to sense these two forces
as our inner divine mother and father aspects.
To fully realize and practically train these two aspects of
ourselves and bring them into harmony for a loving and effective
cooperation is the key for a happy conscious life and a good
and conscious death.

Speaking of practical application let us now come to when and how
we can use these insights in our human and every day life:

We can and shall practice to use our inner feminine as well as
masculine aspects in all the physically challenging situations
life brings. Examples are

–  physical pain
–  physical illness
–  physical exhaustion
–  sexuality and orgasm
–  the female menstruation
–  birth of a child
–  all fears related to being physically threatened, injured,
abused or killed.

All the mentioned situations and challenges are necessary to be explored
and trained by females AND males independand of an own
physical experience. All these are crucial and inevitable human issues
we cannot evade to face in our life or death.

No matter if due to own actual experiences or those of others
the solution and release lies in this loving and effective
coworking of our inner male and female.
The inner male or father providing a clear light of knowledge,
overlooking and managing the situation, guiding and encouaging,
but also shielding and protecting, offering strength and hold.
Compassion for all the feminine.
The inner female of mother providing unconditional love, warmth
and comfort, nourishing and devotional.
Trust and believe in the masculine.
Remember we ALL have both in us, and the more we empower the
true strength of both and bring them into harmony by daily practice
the more we can apply this in the face of our physical death as well.

Looking at our life it is a beautiful task to find our center in all that encounters
or challenges us and finding harmony in the midst of these two poles
being really a divine loving couple.

And this is the most important message to give you related to life AND death:
LOVE is the medicine within for anything. Love and compassion, patience and
understanding, trust and faith. To the things outside, to the things inside,
which in reality are ONE.

Do not fear the death, do not fear the life.
Practice love over all – selflove, love in action, love in devotion.

Blessings for all of you listening,
and thank you very much.

… ❤ Ulrike

Story of my Resurrection II


Dreamwork for my Family

I had stopped my tale when my beloved brother had left his physical body.

I was in a shock as little girl of 6 years.
I did not realize he was dead, and no one told me this clearly.
My parents did not talk to me about it, or with each other in
my presence. I was not taken to his funeral.
Nobody was helping me or talking with me about it.

I could not mourn or cry. My heart and throat were drying out,
at least to other human beings.
They seemed increasingly unreal to me while I was travelling and living
in other worlds.
I became really silent and withdrawn, communicating with trees and moss
and mushrooms in the forests instead, or with wind and water, the soil
and grasslands of my mother earth.
They were always there for me, caring and comforting me.

And I got to know other beings and realms, those of the gnomes and dwarfs,
the elves and fairies, the beings of water and wind.
And others, giant and small, beautiful and terrific.
But not all were always kind and supportive, some were tricky and mean;
leading me astray, terrorizing my sleep and dreams at night, making me
wonder if I was wake or dreaming often.

Tearing at my body, heart and soul and feeding from my life force or making
my fears and nightmares come true in my human life.
And not only mine but also those of my parents, family and ancestors,
pushing all unsolved issues to the surface and into the physical realm.

How can a child bear and survive such a trial?
I can answer this now, holding the child inside warm and safe in my
own inner parents arms.

I was created to do this, and so I was able to do it.
And I was created as two in one, with my brother as my guiding sun.

I was powered by a huge selfhealing force from my mother earth,
with an incredible ability to stand pain, fear and suffering.
I was gifted with a brilliant creative mind and an artistic soul
to channel my inner feelings and movements and to look at all
from a more distant and observing view.
My feelings were deep like the ocean, and though I could not share
them really with other humans they enabled me to dive in and through
all I was experiencing without fully leaving my body, which additionally
responsed with alot of psychosomatic reactions to give me important
and necessary hints and keys.

And my beautiful soul brother flooded and blessed me continuously with
golden light from the place of his highest Self in Gods sacred Gardens.

Now and here, I can say:
We are one and whole on soul plane and from highest view, but not yet on human plane.
I am not yet fully alive with all my aspects, but in great progress!

All is very fine and in sync with the divine orchestra,
nothing is lost or too late.
I am truly blesssed and happy, and so he is.
At least on higher planes.
My human self is sometimes stumbling and falling, doubting and questioning,
complaining and crying, but that is not a problem.

We need to pick ourselves up again, encourage and comfort
ourselves, listen to ourselves in unbreakable patience and love.
This way we can make it, whatever may come.

I am very happy for you listening and caring, you give me and my story
meaning and purpose. As this all was not happening and experienced only
for my own sake, but for all of us.

I will continue next time by sharing my experiences in detail of the
different landscapes of death or the different astal planes I have
passed through.
It is a very important lesson included, not only for the physical death coming one day
but very much for our life here and now and for our very normal human matters each day.

Will you follow me?
Thank you.
I love you.



Recreation in stressful times


Recreation in the most stressful times

Friends! How beautiful is this life!
How wonder-ful, full of beauty and little glances
into an uplifting being.
Whereever I am, whatever is happening,
whatever I just have to do.

On the one side I have just experienced a really stressful time
in all areas:
in my family affairs, moving my professional rooms,
changing weather conditions, and then my female fluctuations
(climacteric – or other reorganization processes)

and on the other side…
I´m getting more and more relaxed and placid,
I can be in the moment NOW more and more
and really enjoy it.

How come???
There has shown something in my inside,
a brilliant little wisdom.
A voice whispering at me:

“Get some rest. NOW.”
“What – how – not possible. I have to work.
Children, job, office tasks, shopping, housework,…”
“That´s not important. You can recreate MEANWHILE.”
“Pardon me???”
“Imagine you are almost asleep. Calm body, calm mind.
Your soul is travelling and dreaming.
You also can do anything this way, with minimum effort.
Call it auto-pilot. Call it self-preservation modus.
Call it 30% attention.
But do enjoy it. And you will regenerate.
Your body. Your mind. Your soul.”
“But – I will certainly deliver a miserable quality then!”
” You will certainly deliver a miserable quality –
when you do your so-called duty.
Grimly, annoyed, full of pain and agony.
But if you allow yourself to dream a little bit,
to slumber a little bit and let it happen as it is just now
possible without effort:

then you are inviting everybody who sees it, feels it
or perceives it in any other ways
to follow this selfallowing wholemaking being.
And you hand a gift to your fellows more precious
than anything else these days.”

Dear friends – how about this?
You are all very welcome to this.