...We have gathered wisdom and insight and have practiced our learning over the course of the year,
and now our hearts and living crave contact and people. We need to get in touch and share what we have found inside, give AND receive love, affection, care and compassion, in closeness with people...

A message for the new earth – a live channeling for you

Dear everyone, I am very happy to share this live channeling with you I received and recorded early morning in nature today. The message is from our brothers and sisters from Lyra, Sirius and the Pleiades, and is about true connection and unity consciousness. It is less spiritual than you might assume, and very lovely and … Continue reading A message for the new earth – a live channeling for you


WHY DO WE LOVE? The feeling in our heart. The attraction. The borders breaking down. The experience of something stronger than our mind and will. This is a marvellous happening to lead us into a reunification with something that wants to be one with us. From inside of ourselves. Has it been there before? How … Continue reading WHY DO WE LOVE