A Channeling for our current global situation

"...Now we see nature help you to get back onto the right track again, but not only by giving hints and providing energies to guide you, but by pushing you back onto yourself in the most radical way. Yes, mother nature can be fierce. She still loves you, but love can sometimes show by strictness, limitating and stopping inacceptable behaviour and even by a hard blow. Be aware though she does not mean to get rid of you or give animals and plants the lead over you. She simply wants to install a healthy measure..."


TRANSFORMATION Ein Zauberspruch Extreme kennen und auch leben sie benennen um zu weben Einen Teppich bunt und schön um zu Fliegen nicht drauf stehn. Hexlein, Spinne, Weberknecht knüpfe eifrig dein Geflecht ! schwarz und weiß rot wie Blut weiß wie Schnee Feuers Glut Wassers Eis kühlt die Wut. Mannes Stolz Schwert im Schaft Erde und … Continue reading TRANSFORMATION