I do not like to advertise for myself at all, but I want to give you an opportunity to tune into how others felt and sensed about my presence and services.

Take their words as an encouragement to dare and get in contact with me.
I am really approachable and an easy going person, you need not hesistate.

So here are some words of dear clients and friends:

Heather Marie, spiritual channel, USA

The Lyran Initiative

“After having multiple interactions with Ulrike I cannot speak more highly about her. No matter the genre in which we are working there is always a peaceful and magical feel when she is around. Her energy is simply unexplainable. When it comes to her services I have rarely worked with someone who was able to access me on such a deep level. The information she was able to gain and the assistance she was able to provide has been life changing and incredibly enjoyable. If you are considering working with her I absolutely encourage you to do so as it will only benefit you!!”

Camille Sanjee Alinat, France

“Ulrike is a most amazing woman. She will hold a strong compassionate space for you. Full of insight, empathy and warmth her service is incredibly valuable. Thank you.”

Matt Romanchick, USA

“Ulrike is wonderful human being with a heart of crystal and the soul as vast as the ocean. I have spoken with many spiritualists and empaths and I can say with certainty that she works with great depth, clarity and intuition in a way that is both illuminating and comforting. In addition to that she is just filled with love and a desire to spread kindness. I’m incredibly fortunate to be acquainted with her and her work is a blessing to all who receive it.”